Artist Profile: Daniel Tollas

A creative from Petoskey showcases his ability to take unique patterns, shapes, and scraps to turn them into complex, abstract works. He explains where his inspiration comes from and how to view his artworks in this week’s Artist Profile.

Who are you?

I’m Daniel Tollas. I’m from Petoskey, Michigan, and I’ve been making art for about 45 – 50 years.

When did you get started?

I started when I was probably about 16 years old taking art classes. I had a really good art teacher in high school who really let me explore what I wanted to do. And, so I’ve been making art since then.

What is your favorite medium?

Right now, I am doing collage with a combination of acrylic paint, pastel, graphite, and found paper.  I like to use different media, as well as printing.

What inspires you?

Just getting up every day.

What do you hope people get from your art?

What I really like for people to get from my work is just first to be able to see it. And, once they do, I just want them to feel something in the colors or the relationships of the lines and shapes and, have an interaction with it.

For more information about Daniel Tollas, click here.

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