Indiana Man Arrested In Manistee County After Setting Up Camp On Private Land

Michigan State Police were called to a suspicious situation in the 18000 block of Northwood Highway in Arcadia Township on Saturday morning.

Someone called 911 to report that it appeared someone set up a campsite on the seasonal residence land and had been there for a few days.

A trooper found a man and woman inside the tent.

They say they were arguing with family and were kicked out of their family member’s home, but believed they were still on family property.

The trooper realized the man had a parole violation warrant out of Indiana with full extradition.

While the trooper was calling for backup to make an arrest, the man ran into the woods.

Several other agencies were called to search for the man, who was later found hiding under a pine tree.

He was then arrested for Resisting and Obstructing, Possession of Methamphetamine and the Parole Violation out of Indiana.

The woman packed up the campsite and was told return to her family’s property.