Two Women Were Arrested After A Reckless RV Chase In Montcalm County

Around 1:30 Saturday afternoon, Troopers from the MSP Lakeview Post were called to the area of M-91 and M-46 for a report of a tan Winnebago driving erratically.

Troopers say they saw the RV pass at least nine vehicles on the right at a stop light and then run the red light.

Police say they tried to pull the RV over, but it continued to drive west on M-46.

Troopers passed the RV, thinking the driver didn’t see their lights and made eye contact with the drive, but she kept on driving and turned south on Federal Highway.

MSP say they attempted to stop the RV using stop sticks, but that didn’t work right away.

The stop sticks made a positive hit on the front driver’s side tire, but the RV continued, with a flat front tire, south on US-131 until taking the exit onto Cannonsville Road, driving east.

Troopers then got in front of the RV as it attempted to turn back west on Cannonsville Road.

The RV rear-ended a trooper’s vehicle and hit a second patrol vehicle and then continued driving south on US-131 in the northbound lanes.

Traffic there was backed up because of a car fire, but the RV continued south, attempting to drive between both lanes of traffic, hitting at least four civilian vehicles.

The vehicle eventually exited US-131 on the ramp to 17 Mile Road and turned east and that’s where the chase ended and the two women were arrested.

Troopers searched the RV and found several large electronic items that are believed to be stolen from the Mount Pleasant Walmart.

The driver is in the Montcalm County Jail waiting to be arraigned.

State Police say if your vehicle was hit during the chase, contact Trooper Lewis at the MSP Lakeview Post at 989-352-8444.