Art Festivals and Small Fairs Return to Northern Michigan

Not every festival is going to return in 2021 and the ones that do, may be done differently but already Northern Michigan is seeing smaller, community events starting back up and thriving.

“It’s just refreshing to see things back to normal,” said Danielle Lynch of Blue Ribbon Events.

The Whitefish Fest in Alden had dozens of artists on hand as hundreds of people walked the aisles. For many it was the first time in a long time since the pandemic cancelled a majority of shows like this last summer.

“Not only are they excited but they are seeking out these events and attending them,” said Troy Anderson, artist from Rockford.

“I’m excited to see people walking around smiling without their masks on,” said Lynch.

Anderson said last summer was a fraction of the events he normally travels to in a season. While he finds it refreshing to be back on the road at these shows, he, like other artists, took advantage of the slow year when they could.

“It was a great time to be creative and doing the things I wanted to do and not just catching up on the typical work that I have.,” said Anderson, “I was able create new things.”

“I worked on inventory and with everybody being excited I thought I had a lot of inventory,” said Cheryl Brown fiber artist from Kalkaska, “They are all depleting my inventory faster than I can make it.”

Brown has a full slate scheduled this summer and already a few shows in the bank. She said not only are the events back on but the people are more active.

“Both shows have been very, very, busy, more than usual,” said Brown, “They just want to get out. You hear comments all over the place that it’s just nice to do something.”