MTM On the Road: POPnology & Amazing Pollinators Exhibits Take Over Grand Rapids Public Museum

The Grand Rapids Public Museum always has something cool and informative to check out– this summer is no different!

This summer they have two brand new exhibitions that visitors are sure to enjoy.

Amazing Pollinators will take guests on missions to become pollinators, like bees, bats and butterflies. You’ll learn all about the importance of pollinators plus, you’ll work to score as many points as possible in the playable maze exhibit.

POPnology is an immersive exhibit that is full of interactive elements. This shows the connection between pop culture and technology, showcasing pop culture tech from that past that has become real-life tech of the future.

“This summer, you won’t want to miss these two exciting additions to the experience at the Grand Rapids Public Museum,” said Kate Kocienski, VP of Marketing and PR at the GRPM. “Great for all ages, these exhibits will entertain while teaching about nature, science, technology and engineering. Become a super pollinator and then go on to see how your favorite sci-fi movies have influenced the technology we have today – including getting your picture in front of the DeLorean car!”

Xavier and Stephanie are LIVE all morning long checking everything out!

To learn more about the Grand Rapids Public Museum, click here.

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