Grand Traverse 911 Getting More Misdials As People Travel To Northern Michigan This Summer

People are flocking to Northern Michigan for the summer, and Grand Traverse 911 has noticed.

Dispatch is already getting more 911 misdials than usual.

They’re averaging at least 50 mistaken calls a day, which is double the normal amount.

And it’s an increase from last year, and even 2019.

Grand Traverse Dispatch tributes it to more people coming to the area during the summer, and with that comes more phones.

They also say that technology is a big factor, and it’s now much easier to dial 911 on accident.

“I don’t think people are always aware of what their phone is capable of,” said Leah Hornacek, Deputy Director of Grand Traverse 911. “So like on an iPhone if you hit the side button five times it’ll initiate an emergency call. So putting your phone in your cupholder, it’ll kind of bang against the side a little bit and call and you don’t even know it’s happening.”

Grand Traverse Dispatch also says that if you accidentally dial 911, the most important thing to do is stay on the line because their priority is to make sure that you’re safe.