Brewvine: Townline Ciderworks New Cider Garden

This summer, you can try Townline Ciderworks delicious drinks in their new outdoor space.

Whitney Amann and photojournalist Jeremy Erickson take you there for this week’s Brewvine.

“We were so limited on the inside space that we decided to make a permanent structure on the outside of the building so we call it our cider garden and a couple of friends helped us construct it late in the fall and we used it all winter long,” said co-owner Kristie Altonen. “We had some heaters and some fires and some lamps, so it was a cozy space all winter long and people really did utilize it and enjoy it and felt safe to be out there and now that summer is coming and it’s getting hotter, it’s providing a nice amount of shade. The light does come through the roof so it’s just a really nice, peaceful spot to sit out and look out at the orchard and enjoy a beverage.”

Townline Ciderworks has a wide variety of beverages to enjoy in their beautiful new cider garden.

Like their “fresh strawberry” hard cider or any of their familial favorites.

They even have some non-alcoholic offerings so the whole family can enjoy a summer evening out at the orchard, helping them live up to their slogan “fresh from the family tree”.

Even with some Covid-19 restrictions in place, Townline Ciderworks is excited to see things slowly getting back to normal.

“It’s nice to see people’s faces that we haven’t seen in over a year, so we’re looking forward to that, we’re just looking forward to that feeling of normalcy, a little bit bigger crowds outside, and we have music on Friday night so looking forward to welcoming that back,” said Altonen. “So just looking forward to a normal summer.”

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