Boyne City Breaks Ground on New Trail System

Boyne City, Evangeline Township, and the Top of Michigan Mountain Bike Association broke ground on a new trail system just north of the city earlier today.

$20,000 was given to the city and Evangeline Township to construct a parking lot and trailhead along Old Horton Bay Road. TOMMBA also completed a crowdfunding campaign last year, raising more than $50,000 through donations from around the state which was matched by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

Once completed, the new trail will connect the Boyne Forest, Walloon Lake Association and Conservancy, and Boyne Public Schools Forest trails. “That is going to be a multipurpose trail, said Michael Cain, city manager for Boyne City. “It will be for mountain bikers. It will also for people that want to walk in here, or possibly in the winter months, snowshoe and things of that nature. Just to get out and enjoy nature and enjoy the beautiful area.”

2.5 miles of the trail was already started to be laid out last week.