Tin Can Tourist Club Rally This Weekend in Cadillac

If you’re in Cadillac, and want something fun to do, there’s a pretty unique get-together happening.

The Tin Can Tourists are having a rally for vintage trailer enthusiasts at Mitchell State Park this weekend.

The rally will showcase 40 different vintage trailers, and a few vintage cars. There will be an open house to the public to come view the trailers, inside and out, on Saturday June 12, 2021 from 12pm-3pm.

The Tin Can Tourists are a club that have been around since the 1990’s. Royal Tin Can Opener, Terry Bone and his wife Michelle Bone, took over the club for his parents who retired two years ago. His parents have been part of the TCT club since 1998, when the club was renewed.

Terry Bone tells us that with this being a passion for many people, there is a deeper meaning behind these rallies. Terry says, “I think most people get into the hobby, with the intention of the trailer being the focus, but what I’ve heard from everyone that does this, that eventually, it all boils down to friendships.”

For more information on upcoming events, visit their website HERE.

*Please note that in the video above, the Open House is said to be on Friday, it is NOT. The Open House is on Saturday*

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