J&J Covid-19 Vaccine Expiration Date Extends

Johnson & Johnson announced on Thursday that the expiration date on their Covid-19 vaccine has been extended.

Regulators have extended millions of doses of the J&J vaccines by an extra 6 weeks.

The shots were originally approved for 3 months.

The company said a Food and Drug Administration review concluded the shots remain safe and effective up to four and a half months.

Expiration dates for vaccines are determined based on data the manufacturer submits to regulators proving how long the shots stay at the right strength.

Between the Pfizer and Moderna shots, 129 million Americans have been fully vaccinated and 11 million Americans have been vaccinated by J&J.

Uptake of J&J’s vaccine in the U.S. have been hurt due to contamination problems in April at a Baltimore factory that helps manufacture the shots.

None of the vaccines made there have been distributed.

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