Governor Whitmer Announces Funds for State Parks, Trails

Governor Whitmer announced she will be putting $250 million dollars towards revitalizing state parks and trails.

This money is coming from President Biden’s American Rescue Plan.

Governor Whitmer says fixing up the park will cause more people to use them, and Cherry Capital Cycling Club of Traverse City agrees.

They say many of their cyclists use these public trails.38dead44 3fbd 452c A05d B23f499b7289

Cherry Capital Cycling Club President, Bill Danly, says in the last year local bike paths have seen a spike in use and are in need of work.

“Their numbers are up 30-40% in the last year and the trails are getting crowded,” said Danly. “We need more trails and we need to connect trails, fill in the missing links here and there.”

The Cherry Capital Cycling Club says these improvements will also help maintain the parks and help them from getting overgrown and unkept.