Protestors in Mason County Frustrated Over $750 Bond Set For Isaiah Gardenhire

Isaiah Gardenhire, charged with 12 counts including open murder and sexual assault in Isabella County after police say he raped two women and stabbed and killed a teenage girl.

Gardenhire was let out of Mason County Jail a week ago after being arrested for a sex crime there.

“When you allow people like him on the streets, bad things can happen,” said Mason County Sheriff Kim Cole.Protest

Sheriff Cole says Isaiah Gardenhire is no stranger to the Mason County Sheriff’s Department.

“He’s well known to our deputies,” he said. “I watched the video arraignment yesterday, and his behavior during that arraignment is totally what he’s like.”

Up until last week, Sheriff Cole said Gardenhire was in custody at the jail for second degree criminal sexual conduct.

His bond was set at $7,500 with 10% requirement, making it $750, which he was able to set through a bondsman.

“Our system certainly isn’t perfect, but it’s worked for many, many years and in this case, there was an issue,” said Sheriff Cole.

Meanwhile, a group is protesting outside the Mason County Courthouse, hoping to change bond requirements for those accused of sex crimes.

“He was a known menace to society,” said Ryan Roberts, who organized the protest. “To just let him out of here with a slap on the wrist when you’re charging people more for traffic violations, it’s unacceptable.”

While Sheriff Cole hasn’t had the chance to speak with the Mason County Magistrate on why Gardenhire’s bond was so low, he says he has spoken with state legislators, and encourages others to do the same.

“Senator VanderWall and Representative O’Malley, they took my calls Monday morning, we’ve been communicating throughout to see if this event was part of our criminal justice reform,” said Sheriff Cole. “So far, we’re not seeing that, but if it is, then that needs to be fixed before the next Gardenhire is released early.”