Producer Picks: Asian Elephants on the Move

If you could come back to another life as any animal, what would it be? In today’s Producer Picks on ‘the four’, executive producer Jamie Mankiewicz talks about her ideal animal reincarnation.Elephant And, how a herd of escaped wildlife from a nature preserve is causing ‘big’ chaos in China.

In the video above, you can see the elephants taking a break after a 300-mile trek across China. They have been on the move for months, and they’re making mischief along the way. The internet has been glued to their every move. Authorities in China are tracking them day and night with drones.

The caravan includes adults, along with two calves, one that born just a few months ago.

“So, elephants are very smart animals,” said Becky Shu Chen, Technical Advisor at Zoological Society of London. “They are very intelligent. Once they get out of the forest, once they get the food on the paddy rice, they taste it and they love it, just like if you bring your children to an ice-cream shop. Once they eat ice cream, they will never return”.

While the journey is amazing to watch, conservationists say it’s a sad reason they’re on the move. Their habitat is being destroyed by humans. Both Asian and African elephants are both on the endangered list right now. There are less than 500-thousand left in the world.

To learn more about these beautiful and endangered creatures, click here.

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