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What’s Growing With Tom: Organic Soils at Bear Creek Organic Farm

While we are waiting for our garden to really start growing, we decided to take a field trip to Bear Creek Organic Farm in Petoskey.

They use Dairy Doo in all their plants. Brian Bates started it years ago with a specific goal.

“When we set out to build our farm, we wanted to be the community’s first certified organic farm, and we knew from the beginning, the most important thing would be soil health so since day one, we’ve been investing heavily in our soil so that we can invest heavily in our community with healthy produce.”

He says they go through truckloads of compost every year from the Nurseries to the Greenhouses and Fields.

In the flower house, Brian shows us the flower Assertion. It’s not just any flower but one that’s edible…. that’s right it’s all edible, giving a spicy flavor. Why do they grow this kind of flower?

“This is probably our most popular flower on the farm and you won’t find that to be the case many places, but we love this plant because every part of its edible. The leaves, stems, flowers, all of it are edible, he got a nice spicy flavor, and we love growing them in 101 here and then when they’re bigger containers in 301, because a lot of places sell flowers right but we want to focus on functional flowers so we try to have a nice diversity of flowers that do things other than just look pretty.”

Behind the flowers were what I thought were trees. They are actually tomatoes growing since March and are already harvesting.

It shows you if you know what you are doing and use the right materials, you can make incredible things.

Our last stop is the lettuce field, where they seed 10,000 heads a week, as the lettuce grows and is eaten just as quickly!