Inside The Kitchen at Charles & Reid Detroit Pizza in Traverse City

“Everybody loves pizza,” said Dan Karabacz, the owner of Charles & Reid Detroit Pizza in Traverse City.

Especially when it’s hand crafted from Charles & Reid in Traverse City.

“It just happens to be the best pizza ever,” he laughed.

Charles & Reid took over this downtown location about a year ago.

It used to be Alley’s Market.

“We inherited their recipe and keep this going because it was already the city’s favorite pizza,” he said. “A little bit of shimmy shaking with it, a little Charles & Reid love touch, we have made it our own.”

Each large is made with about a pound of cheese before it’s sent off into the oven.

While that’s cooking, you can take a step to the lighter side to the creamy Greek salad.

Capture Pizza

Chef Robert Hill says it’s definitely a crowd pleaser.

“It definitely fills you up, we are a big place, big pizza, big salads,” Robert said.

The pep in your step is the most popular pizza, but they have plenty more. Or you can get creative.

“We have enough of toppings we have on our menu, so people who want to give their own artist touch, they can do that as well,” Dan said. “The last touch is some fresh parm off the block, we hit it with just a nice dusting.”

Charles & Reid opened during the pandemic so they’re looking to expand their menu soon.

But for now they’ll keep doing what they do best.

“People say they love our product and I have to stand by them, we do it for them, that’s the wonderful part of our job, we cook with our love and we do it for the city, that’s what we do,” Dan said.

You can find Charles & Reid Detroit Pizza at 113 E State Street, or call them at 231-252-3497.

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