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Teddy’s Law To Open Door for Dogs and Cats in Research Laboratories to Be Adopted

According to the , in Michigan alone since 2019, more than 800 dogs and 200 cats are being used in research laboratories.  The numbers are not only astounding but the realities of how these animals are treated has people speaking up and demanding stricter laws.

Part of this issue goes back to the 2019, when the Humane Society of the United States did an undercover investigation into a Michigan-based AgroSciences testing lab of pesticides on more than 30-beagles.  The investigation not only sparked outrage from the public but prompted the animals to be released.

According to HSUS, federal law currently regulates the care and use of dogs and cats used in research while they are being tested on in the laboratory.  However, the federal law but does not offer any protection for these animals once the research project ends, other than requiring that when facilities destroy them, they do so through humane euthanasia.

A new bill introduced called Teddy’s Law by Michigan lawmakers, Representative, Kevin Hertel and Representative Tommy Brann, provides an opportunity for dogs and cats to be adopted as a pet once their time in the research laboratory has ended.  HSUS says adopters of former research animals can attest to the resilience and affection of these animals when given the chance to flourish in a home environment.  It gives the animals a chance to live out their lives in a loving, safe home.

To hear more about Teddy’s Law including how you can help, what the bill entails and where it currently stands, .

For a direct link the Humane Society of the United States with a full rundown of Teddy’s Law

Also, to hear from Michigan State Director for the Humane Society of the United States, Molly Tamulevich click on the Zoom interview above.

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