Grant Me Hope: Cal

There are hundreds of children up for adoption and/or foster in Michigan. Here’s one pretty cool and amazing kid that’s on the list.

“My name is Cal, I’m 14 years old and I’m in 7th grade. My favorite subjects are science, social studies, history, and math. I like to play video games, toScreen Shot 2021 06 07 At 31536 Pm play basketball and football.

I like to be funny and I like to go outside and go for walks. What I want to be for my career is to go to Michigan State or Michigan.

I would study plants and stuff or be an adoption worker or something. Because what people are doing right now is good for kids who don’t have a home and stuff, like what’s the point of them not having a home?

My favorite two holidays are Christmas and the 4th of July because of the Declaration of Independence and that’s my favorite thing

And, my second one was Christmas because it’s about Jesus and you should always be grateful for what you get.

I would like a home that’s comfortable, feeling safe, It doesn’t matter which one they give me, it’s just a matter of what you’re grateful for.

I would like a sister and a brother cause they sometimes can get on your nerves, but they also can be fun.

What would I like to do with my family? I would play basketball spend Dad time and Mom time and like be happy.

Adoption means to me like happy and giving hope to the person that needs it like needs it really bad, just keep giving hope.”

To learn more about Cal, and the adoption process, click here.

Grant Me Hope is a collaboration between the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange, 9&10 News, and the business community.

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