‘The Pink Fund’ Offers Financial Assistance for Breast Cancer Patients

Breast cancer is a life changing diagnosis.

It often rattles a women’s life completely. On top of battling cancer, many women are faced with financial difficulties after their diagnosis. Pink Fund

That’s where the nonprofit The Pink Fund comes in. They were founded in 2006 by breast cancer survivor Molly MacDonald.

People who qualify for assistance could receive up to $3,000 over 90 days for non-medical expenses ranging from housing, transportation, utilities and insurance. Payments are made directly to patient’s creditors.

“It was from my own personal experience with breast cancer that I realized how badly an organization like this was needed,” said Molly MacDonald, founder of The Pink Fund. “I’ve met so many incredible women over the years who suffer from financial hardship while undergoing treatment. Not only are these women fighting to stay alive, but they are fighting to stay afloat.”

 Patients applying for support from The Pink Fund must currently be in treatment for breast cancer.

For more information on applying for financial assistance from The Pink Fund, visit here.

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