Mt. Pleasant Humane Animal Treatment Society Sees Unusual Amount of Dogs with Parvovirus

The Humane Animal Treatment Society (HATS) in Mt. Pleasant says they’re seeing an increase in dogs coming to their facility with Parvovirus.

Img 5889In the past two weeks, they’ve seen four different cases, which is very unusual for the facility.

Parvo causes loss of appetite, lethargy, and vomiting, and in unvaccinated dogs, it can be highly contagious, and even deadly.

“We are very concerned what the entire summer is going to look like,” said Executive Director Amanda Tillotson. “We’re very concerned about the specific pockets in our community where some of these cases have come from.”

HATS says the virus can live in the ground for many years, so any unvaccinated dog is at risk if they come in contact.

However, the virus can be easily prevented by getting your dog vaccinated. HATS says the vaccine is available over the counter at places like Tractor Supply.

They will also be holding a low cost vaccine clinic on June 15 where you can get your dog vaccinated