Celebrate National Donut Day With Peace, Love & Little Donuts

Donut worry, be happy!

It’s National Donut Day and we’re celebrating the right way —  feeding our inner hippie with Peace, Love, & Little Donuts!

Located in Traverse City, this place has become popular not only with the locals, but also with tourists. You can smell the donuts frying as you walk through the door! With over 60 funkadelic, far out, and groovy flavors, they really do have something here for everyone!

The first location opened up in Pittsburg, PA. The backstory to how it all started was that founder, Ron Razete, had purchased a donut machine from a friend. He was pretty sure it didn’t work, until it did, and he made some donuts for a hockey tournament. After a successful event, Ron decided to rent out a little space and sell his donuts from there. He bought a bigger donut machine, but it came without instructions and it kept making these little donuts, no matter how he tried. So he went with it, and saw how successful it was with many customers saying they were the “perfect size.”

This location in Traverse City makes about 270 dozen donuts during National Donut Day! To pre-order online, click HERE.

Next time you’re in the area, check them out, their workers are just as sweet as the donuts themselves! Img 6994

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