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What’s Growing With Tom: Planting a Special Flower Bed

Well, it looks like the cold, frosty nights will be gone until fall.

That’s great news because now you can plant your flowers.

Normally, we would be planting lots of annuals but this year we are making the flower bed for the bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.

Our Flower Bed is filled with Flower Doo 201,  Justin brought Terry Bertrand Barker Creek to deliver an incredible flower garden.

He’s brought native perennials that like different types of soil. So he’s going to trick the plants by using different types of Dairy Doo.

“Perennial hibiscus like a little heavier soil a lot of moisture. So we’ve dug in a deep hole, you asked me why earlier. I’m going to use the tree and shrub. Tree and shrub is here you can see it’s a little heavier soil, not too heavy. This is the Flower Doo this has a lot more nutrients, which we’re going to need but we need to hold some water. So we’re gonna put a nice layer of the tree and shrub. We’re gonna pull out our hibiscus that is just now waking up see those little babies. Wow, we’re gonna tickle the roots a little bit so they spread nice and nice.”

Terry is putting now planting Latrice, which should bloom a frothy purplish-blue flower which butterflies love.

Planting was simple… just dig a hole, add some Dairy Doo,  place the plant and cover over.

He also planted meddle root which should have very frothy pink flowers, which butterflies love.

We can’t wait to see how this flower garden looks later this summer!