Positive Parenting: Engaging Parents from Pre-K and Beyond!

When it comes to families and school involvement, there is no one-size-fits-all. Every child and family situation is different. Some face racism andScreen Shot 2021 06 01 At 124043 Pm linguistic and cultural-economic barriers. Now, researchers are evaluating an early intervention for all teachers, parents, and children that they say have long-lasting impacts.

For pre-K and kindergarten classes, songs and games are educational building blocks. But, how can parents get involved? Researchers are studying ParentCorps, a 14-session ‘program for families’ of children attending pre-K in culturally diverse neighborhoods.

The program emphasizes positive family school connections and helps teachers to engage families from diverse cultural backgrounds.

ParentCorps is now in 50 pre-K programs in New York City serving over 3-thousand students every year. In addition, it is growing in cities in Michigan, Texas, and North Carolina. ParentCorps also offers tools for teachers, parents, and children available in multiple languages.

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