Inside The Kitchen at Corner Bistro in Bellaire

“I kept bugging him like ‘dude, let’s try this on our own,’ we did and about a year after that we ended up here in Bellaire,” said Maggie Antcliff.

These co-owners haven’t looked back since.

General manager Maggie Antcliff starts you off with a cocktail….

“We use infuse our own vodka with a lot of different vegetables and we also use our own bloody mix,” she said.

Getting your taste buds warmed up for everything executive chef Taylor Sutherland is whipping up.

“It’s a big deal we make this from scratch,” he said.Capture Corner Bistro

The reason is simple.

“It tastes better,” Taylor said. “Salmon Oscar is truly one of my favorite dishes because it’s a truly composed small plate.”

Small plates are the name of the game at Corner Bistro in Bellaire.

“You can order multiple courses, that’s kind of our MO here, we want you to come in and try not one thing, but a few things,” Taylor said.

So, add the pasta carbonara to your order.

“We do it as authentic as possible,” he said.

“‘Carbonara’ is Italian for ‘charcoal’ so the key to this dish is pepper, kind of deep spicy flavors,” he explained.

A lot of tosses, a twist, and it will turn your world upside down.

The fried chicken sandwich is another menu staple.

“We present that sandwich and people invariably look at it and say ‘wow,’” Maggie said. “It’s taken off, we didn’t intend to be known for our chicken sandwich, but it’s yummy people love it, and I love it.

But what’s better than any meal on the menu, their attitude and generosity through the pandemic.

“Our first thought was how do we turn a negative into a positive, so our first thought was ‘let’s offer some free meals for children in school,’” said Taylor.

And in house, they lowered prices and changed their menu entirely, while still offering upscale items for their regulars.

They’re giving back to a community that’s given so much to them.

“We started out here in just this little area, we call it our bar, it’s about 28 feet,” Maggie said. “After about four months, we kind of expanded to the front we outgrew this space,” she said.

“It’s been an amazing place to set up shop we are incredibly fortunate to have chosen a town like this, they’re super supportive and some of the best people I’ve ever met,” said Taylor.

You can find Corner Bistro at 102 N. Bridge Street in Bellaire, or contact them at 231-409-7088.

You can also find more information here.

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