Doppler 9&10 STEM: Air Cannons With Clare Middle School

Teachers & Parents:

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We have a very exciting STEM this week because we have some wonderful assistants, the students at Clare Middle School!

Austin and I were there two weeks ago talking about everything weather and getting hands on with this week’s STEM.

Here is what you will need if you want to try this one at home:

  •  Grab a Parent
  • A Plastic Bucket
  • A Box Cutter
  • Rubber Bands
  • A Tarp
  • A Soda Bottle

Lets do it!

First, grab your bucket and have a parent cut a 5 inch hole in the bottom.  This is where the air will escape and create our rings

Next cut off the top of your soda bottle. We want an inch or so of the plastic to remain and you need the cap as well.

Punch two holes on either side of the top of the soda bottle (this is the handle)

Tie a rubber band to each of the holes you punched.

Now take your bucket and punch two holes across from each other on the bottom of it.

Tie the rubber bands that you attached to the soda bottle to the holes you just punched in the bottom of the bucket.

Cut out a circle of the tarp that is two inches larger than the opening of the bucket. Then cut a small opening in the center of the circle.

Slide the lid of the coke bottle into the opening in the center of the tarp and secure it with the cap.

Finally pull the tarp across the top of the bucket and secure it with rubber bands

It should be nice and tight and should blow air when you pull it back and release the bottle top.

The contraption creates high pressure and low pressure which work together to create these awesome smoke rings!


If your kiddos try this experiment, send us photos of you and your experiment and you might get to see it during weather on The Four on Tuesdays!

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