Mesick Student Earns Giant Scholarship

A Northern Michigan student earned an $18,000 scholarship to Lincoln Tech in Indianapolis to study Diesel Technology.Adriana

Adriana Livermore is a graduating senior from Mesick and is a female student in the Heavy Equipment Program. It is a male-dominated field and she has proved that she is more than capable of hanging with the guys. Her work is already noticed by her instructors, but the scholarship has left her quite surprised.

Adriana expresses, “I was actually speechless. I didn’t even know what to say, didn’t know what to think about it. It was insane. I immediately called my mom, my dad, and told everybody the great news.”

She had admitted to me that it was a little intimidating at first working in the male-dominated field, but she’s excited to show the guys how to do things differently from the female perspective.


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