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Bars and Restaurants React To Outdoor Restrictions Being Lifted Tuesday

There’s good news for bars and restaurants as some coronavirus restrictions are being lifted.

Starting Tuesday, outdoor capacity limits will be lifted, along with the removal of curfews for bars and restaurants.

Additionally, indoor capacity will be set at 50%.

Many Traverse City bars and restaurants saw a boom this holiday weekend, with most bars and restaurants having substantial wait times.

North Peak in Traverse City hopes these lifted restrictions will make things easier on their customers and their staff.

“It’s probably just going to get busier as the summer goes on so it will definitely help, people won’t feel like they need to cram in dinner real quick,” said Barb Tulgetske, Manager of North Peak. “Now we close at ten, everybody feels like they have to get here right away and eat, so it’ll help kinda space things out a bit. So hopefully it will help with the pressure in the kitchen and back of the house.”

North Peak says they will return to their 11 p.m. closing time for now, with Kilkenny’s planning on staying open until two a.m. on the weekends.

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