Glen Arbor Community Holds Memorial Day Service at Old Glen Arbor Township Cemetery

Community members in Leelanau County gathered Friday at the old Glen Arbor Township cemetery for a special Memorial Day service, re-dedicating the grave of a civil war veteran.

By all accounts, this may be the first time a group of this size has gathered at this Glen Arbor cemetery during Memorial Day weekend in decades.

The cemetery is the final resting place of four Civil War veterans, including Ruell Welch, whose headstone and gravesite were re-dedicated.

“He served our country, he fought for something honorable and it’s important that we honor that. There’s integrity there. He was wounded and it affected his entire life,” said Linda Dewey, who has helped restore the cemetery.

This cemetery had slowly become a victim of time and nature, until a group of local volunteers started bringing it back to life.

Friday, was another step on that journey.

“Many of these people, their families, including Ruell Welch, didn’t stay in the area, the lumbering got over and everybody left and those people followed to other places and don’t have family connections here to remember them. It’s really nice that after all these years to see people that really should be remembered, because they gave so much to their descendants all around the country,” said Andrew White.

Keeping their stories of service, alive.

“These people lived here just like we live here, and don’t we all wish and hope that our being here makes us a difference and people remember us,” said Dewey.

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