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Hook & Hunting: Recreational Feeding Legislation

A bill to allow recreational animal feeding is making its way through the Michigan legislature.

It was first introduced by State Representative Ken Borton from Gaylord.

It would allow people to put out food for birds and other wildlife regardless of DNR baiting rules.

But only apply to food meant to prevent animals from going hungry or to view them.

Up to two gallons of feed would be allowed to be placed at a time within 300 feet of a home.

“I’ve heard from people all over northern Michigan, all over the state of Michigan for that fact, that love feeding the birds, feeding the squirrels, seeing the wildlife near their homes. So I think this is going to allow people to do that again and not fear being turned into a criminal for doing it,” said Rep. Ken Borton.

The bill already passed the house with bipartisan support.

It still needs approval from the senate before it would head to Governor Whitmer.

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