Manistee County Residents Surveyed for Broadband Internet Access

A group of Manistee County residents is asking those in the county about their experience with broadband internet.

163044031 115016787323552 7710782599029891561 NConnecting Manistee County sent out a survey in February this year asking people things like how they like their internet service, and what could be improved upon.

So far out of 522 responses, 86% of people have access to the internet, while 14% do not.

Of those that do not have access, 43% said the cost of internet was the reason why they did not have internet.

“I would like to think that it’s not going to cost anybody any money and local service providers are going to increase their speed, but that’s not happening,” said Steve Fosdick, a member of Connecting Manistee County.

Connecting Manistee County says their overall goal is to give access to broadband internet for anyone who wants it.