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Cherry Capital Airport Seeks Land Purchase for Runway Protection

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Cherry Capital Airport is trying to create a safer approach for incoming aircraft, by expanding its footprint on the ground.

The airport is moving towards purchasing property just south of the airport. Grand Traverse County Commissioners have agreed to a $1.225 (M) million dollar sale that would include four buildings on a parcel of land on Duell Road.

The goal is to create a wider “runway protection zone” for planes coming in from the south – something T-V-C is doing at the request of the F-A-A.

It’s the third of nine parcels the airport is trying to acquire with federal dollars. Cherry Capital Airport Director Kevin Klein says the appraisal has already been done and the purchase price has already been discussed with property owners. “The airport commission has been purchasing these properties mainly because of some residential values that were on that. We have to clear the runway protection zone of any residence. We can now work in the future with businesses on the commercial side.”

He adds, “It’s mainly the area that we protect for aircraft approaching the airport. So we want to make sure the area is clear of any obstructions. No flagpoles, no light poles, anything that could obstruct the approach coming in.”

Grand Traverse County commissioners just approved the property purchase. As co-owners of the airport, Leelanau County must also sign off the purchase. Klein expects it to be finalized in 60-90 days.

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