Navigating Love in a Pandemic with Greg Dudzinski

The COVID pandemic has really put love to the ultimate test.
It’s made it harder for many people to communicate, and has tested the patience of some relationships. But it’s not just relationships that had to adjust, it made it even harder for singles to date.
The question is, did these adjustments make us look at relationships differently?

I got the chance to talk to Detroit’s well-known love guru, and couples therapist, Greg Dudzinski. He is a fully licensed professional counselor; specializing in couples and marriage counseling, divorce counseling, sex therapy, abuse and trauma, and grief and loss.

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We talked about how the pandemic affected relationships. With some couples dealing with loss, financial issues, and struggles to communicate, others have thrived and have gotten closer. For those that have struggled to connect, Greg says to dive deeper into an argument and try to see if it’s just the way you’re saying things. Diving into WHY you’re upset.

For those couples with communication issues, remember the honeymoon phase – when things were hot and steamy? Do what you used to do to show each other you love one another! Little gestures, jokes, love notes, sexy text messages — things to raise your dopamine levels and kick up the passion.

Dating for singles was already a struggle before the pandemic, add quarantine to the mix, it’s an even tougher ride to navigate. Dating apps can be fun, but the goal was always to meet each other , and with COVID, that wasn’t really happening so much.

Almost half (44%) of Hinge users are using the video chat date to meet new people, but they don’t consider it as a date, but more to get to know the person. Greg says, “Expectations in the dating realm are huge…with the COVID aspect, you might do the virtual meeting but in person, that’s where the reality comes in and there’s a false sense of security, a false sense of connection.”

After doing my own research, I have found many sources that have brought up that many people on dating apps want to explore sexual relationships, but only with one partner as opposed to seeking it out from multiple partners. The “hook-up culture” hasn’t left completely, but after this pandemic, with all the uncertainty, many people are searching a sense of stability and/or consistency. Which really seems to make sense. According to Hinge dating app, 86% of its users were either extremely or somewhat ready to commit to a relationship before the pandemic, and now 38% of those people are even more ready to commit to a relationship.

For more information on love and relationships, you can visit Greg Dudzinski’s webpage HERE. Greg posts regular videos to his Facebook page HERE

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