Hook and Hunting: Gearing Up for Fishing Season

For some, the fishing season has been well underway, but for others the season doesn’t start until the salmon travel up north, which could happen in the next few weeks.

SalmonCaptain Paul Schlafley, who owns Riverside Charters in Manistee, says fish migration is a little bit behind because of the cold weather we had early this month.

He says, though, you can find a lot of lake trout right now in Lake Michigan.

The water needs to warm up to about 40 to 50 degrees for the salmon to feel comfortable moving in from the deep water.

“It’s just kind of starting on the salmon,” said Schlafley. “As the water warms up, the kings start moving in and should only get better for memorial on for the salmon, so hopefully we’ll have a good season.”

Schlafley says he’s already caught a few king salmon this year that have been around 21lbs.

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