Gov. Whitmer Sets Dates For the End of Michigan’s COVID Restrictions

Michigan now has set dates for reopening and lifting of all COVID-19 protocols, clearing a pathway to a wide open summer across the state.

Michigan was moving along on the ‘MI Vacc to Normal’ plan until the Center for Disease Control changed its guidelines and made it so that people outdoors do not have to wear masks.20210520 160521985 Ios Original

Since that was the final benchmark and final incentive in the ‘MI Vacc to Normal’ plan, that sent Governor Gretchen Whitmer and her office back to the drawing board. Her new plan now has set dates and is no longer tied to the vaccination rate to get Michigan back to normal.

“The CDC kind of changed the landscape,” said Gov. Whitmer, “It was a little bit of a surprise. Good news to be sure, but we had to re-calibrate our plan.”

Gone are the vaccination rate benchmarks for re-opening and in come set dates, starting on June 1st.

“On June 1st, all outdoor capacity limits will be lifted,” said Whitmer during a press conference at Dow Diamond in Midland Thursday.

Graduations, weddings, festivals and outdoor stadiums are no longer restricted. Indoor capacity will grow to 50% for the rest of the month of June.

Then comes the big jump.

“July 1st, that is when we will take our final step,” said Whitmer, “We will lift the broad mask and gathering order and no longer impose broad mitigation measures.”

Everything will be lifted, mandates for masks, capacity and distancing. For both the vaccinated and not.

That brought on another question, 70% herd immunity was always the goal. By lifting the mandate tied to that goal, what does that mean for herd immunity and what happens if the state never reaches it?

“I’m hopeful we get to 70%. The more people that get vaccinated, the better for all of our sake,” said Whitmer, “Our efforts to do that are not stopping. In fact, we are doing more mobile units than ever, getting to people where they are.”

“We are investigating if there are additional ways we can encourage people to get vaccinated but the most powerful reason is because it’ll keep you safe and it’ll keep your loved ones safe.”

Whitmer did say these re-opening dates can be moved if something drastic happens in the COVID-19 case and death rates but did not give an exact answer to what is a drastic change. She did say that she does not expect any of that to happen.

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