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Therapist, Caroline Thomas Talks Long-Term Stress Associated with COVID-19 Pandemic and Managing Our Emotions


It’s now over a year that we’ve been mentally processing the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  With that said, the effects on our overall mental health can be staggering and sometimes something we may not even realize.

Therapist, Caroline Tomas with in Traverse City breaks down some of the common side effects people might be experiencing over the last year and a half and the reoccurring symptoms she is specifically seeing in patients.

Plus, Caroline explains how we need to be more gentle with ourselves and mindful of others’ feelings, emotions and responses toward the pandemic.  She says our emotions are not personal flaws but rather the mind’s reactions to what we’ve been experiencing.

To hear from Caroline Thomas click on the Zoom interviews above.

For a link to Caroline’s blog about managing our emotions throughout the pandemic and some common reactions you might be having .