Inside The Kitchen at Lake City Tap House

Chef David Petitpas now cooks in what used to be the dance floor at Lake City Tap House, giving him more space to work his magic.

“Today we are going to make the big house burger,” he said.

Lake City Tap House sources all their meat locally from L&J Meat Market down the road.

Lettuce, onion, pickle, thousand island sauce, and just like any good burger, a couple secrets.

It keeps you coming back time and time again. He says a good meal doesn’t have to be anything fancy.

“My mom would describe it as really good bar food,” he explained.

“Mom” also doubles as “boss.”

“My mom is really close with the community, she will help out anybody and I think people notice that with her, so they have even more so been supporting us more so than ever,” he said.

“Just a really good menu, I love all the food on it we have, a lot of fun making it,” David said.

Fun to eat, but not fun sized.

“So the nachos are pretty big,” he said. “They think nachos normally on a plate like this.”

Out of the oven and into your belly.

This open concept allows for customers to turn into friends.

“Yeah it’s a lot of interaction, we will joke around and talk to each other it’s a lot of fun,” he said.

You can call Lake City Tap House at 231-839-4459, and find them at 181 Morey Road in Lake City.


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