Fire at Kitchen Farms In Antrim County

Earlier Monday, a fire broke out at Kitchen Farm’s main distribution and office center located at 2400 US-131 South in Antrim County.

Over a dozen departments are on scene, including fire trucks from Antrim, Otsego, Charlevoix and Kalkaska Counties.

EMS crews are standing by with support as well. There are no reports of any injuries.

Primary reports are pointing to new construction as the fire’s origin, but further investigation is being conducted.

The fire has been primarily fueled by pallets and sacks stored in the buildings. There has been no indication of chemical or hazmat concerns.

Pete Hoogerhyde, Incident Commander and Star Township Fire Chief, estimates that over 5 million gallons of water have been utilized.

The Antrim County Emergency Manager, as well as the Incident Commander, has issued a shelter in place for a one-mile radius of the farm due to low visibility and smoke.

Road closures will also continue until the smoke dies down.