Wertz Warriors Give Community Businesses Fundraising Recognition

The Wertz Warriors celebrated a milestone on Saturday.

In the last year, they have raised more than $17,000.

Each dollar of that money will go towards the Michigan Special Olympics. 3819be15 4e78 444c 9982 56688bde5893

Every year during their snowmobile ride they drive passed businesses that sell the most raffle tickets for their fundraiser, but COVID our that on hold.

So on Saturday the Wertz Warriors presented Chase Express and Peacock Limited in Baldwin for their hard work.

Wertz Warriors member, Daniel Lutz, says, “The Wertz Warriors are the single largest contributor to the winter Special Olympic Games here in Michigan. That’s all from people like these that help us raise money.”

The Wertz Warriors say they are planning another fundraising raffle that will be kicking off within the next few weeks.