Billings Township Firefighters Receive Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition

Billings Township is still recovering after the floods that hit last year.

Many members of the fire department spend days working to make sure those in the community were safe.

On Saturday, those men and women were honored for their service.

Training Captain for the Billings Township Fire Department, Dale Rottman, says, “We grew as a department at the time and it was a time we’re all going to remember for a long time.”

Almost a year after the devastating break of the Sanford and Edenville Dams, Billings Township firefighters are remembering the days they spent helping the township recover.

Rottman says, “We as a Department came together as a family when the flood hit and it was a pretty intense situation that night and for the next five days.”

On Saturday, the Billings Township community wanted to say thank you to those that put their lives on the line.

“It’s really nice to be appreciated like that but we didn’t think about it. We just acted and did what we’re trained to do,” says Rottman.

U.S Congressman John Moolenaar presented the department with Certificates of Special Congressional Recognition.

Moolenaar says, “This was really the front lines of informing people, letting people know what was happening and what to expect and making sure people were out of harms way.”86be3bb2 2ca0 452e 894e 660aa02f40e0

Even the President stepped up to make sure the area has what it needs to bounce back.

“We were fortunate to get a Presidential Disaster Declaration and that has given resources to the region from the Federal Government,” says Moolenaar.

Those resources have given the Billings Township Fire Department a chance to look towards the future.

Rottman says, “We’ve changed our training program. We’ve got some new equipment we’re going to play with. Tracking devices and we got a new vehicle coming that’s got track systems on it.”

The fire department say they plan to continue with their new training procedures within the next few weeks.