Brewvine: Helping a Great Cause with a Glass of Wine and Beer at Mackinaw Trail Winery

On Sunday from 2 to 6 p.m., Mackinaw Trail Winery will be having a benefit fundraiser for a close friend and former coworker who was diagnosed with stage four thyroid cancer.

Whitney Amann and photojournalist Jeremy Erickson take you to the winery to find out how you can help a great cause with a glass of wine or beer in this week’s Brewvine.

“She found out in December that she had stage four, thyroid cancer so we just want to raise funds to help her with all her medical bills and everything,” said head of production Dustin Stabile. “So we’re going to have live music there, we’re going to have a live auction. We’re auctioning off a bunch of different products and businesses throughout the area have donated. We had businesses from Cheboygan to Mackinaw City, all the way down to Elk Rapids and Traverse City so there’s been a really big outpour of support for her.”

Mackinaw Trail Winery is hoping that the outpouring of support for their former vineyard manager, Amy Ball, will help take care of some of her medical expenses and bring a smile to her face.

In addition to the live auction, the money they bring in from food and drink sales will all go to help the 37 year old.

“There’s going to be food or money that is spent at that party or benefit, it’s all going to her, we’re not taking any of the money,” said Dustin. “We’re asking for a $10 donation at the door. We’re going to have drinks available and any of the money off the drinks, we’re going to be donating that same amount back to her benefit.”

With Amy’s health being the focus for the fundraiser, Mackinaw Trail is taking every precaution to keep Amy and the rest of their guests safe.
“We’re going to do it in our open air pavilion just to help with covid, we’re still going to make people wear masks in the pavilion just because we’re hoping that she’s there and with everything she’s going through but we have 30 acres here,” he said. “If they want to go outside, away from everybody, take the mask off with our outdoor service area they can go anywhere on our property and have a glass of wine or glass of beer.”

On Sunday, you can enjoy a fantastic forecast, delicious food and amazing handcrafted beer, wine, and cider, all while raising money to help a friend.

“It’s going to be a gorgeous weekend. We have a beautiful space here. We got the pathway down to the pond with a fountain, you could really have a really enjoyable afternoon here, and you could donate towards a great cause and try some of the spectacular beers that were making. I think people will really have a lot of fun here,” said Dustin.

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