Boyne City’s National Morel Mushroom Festival in Full Swing

Boyne City’s National Morel Mushroom Festival is up and running. 

According to festival organizers, people come from all over the country to take part in selling some of the mushrooms they’ve picked along the way.

Today, the festival kicked off with their arts and crafts show, where 51 vendors were selling their merchandise.  

The National Morel Festival had to tone it down this year due to the coronavirus. But, they still have many more events in store for the weekend.

The morel mushroom, it’s like a secret following all over the world,” said Pam Chipman, President of the Festival Committee. “If you’re into moral mushrooms you follow it. I know pickers that they’ll start in the southern parts of the country and they work their way up and their picking the whole time.” 

The money received from vendors goes towards biology, culinary, and environmental science scholarships. 

The festival will run through Saturday.