Baldwin Promise Adds New Incentives to Scholarship

Baldwin Community Schools have offered graduating seniors the Baldwin Promise scholarship since 2009, and recently, theres been some additions made to the scholarship for students.

The Baldwin Promise offers $20,000 over a four year period to help with tuition.

The new additions include $500 each year for books and classroom materials, an extension of the $20,000 from four years to five, and a laptop for every student.

These changes were announced at the school’s decision day event on May 1.

“The look of joy on parents’ faces and community members, and even teaching staff,” said Duane Roberts, Jr., Baldwin Community Schools’ Promise Zone Coordinator. “No one was made privy of this information besides the Baldwin Promise Board, so everyone was in for a shock.”

For a student to qualify, they must attend Baldwin High School all four years, and have a post secondary plan like college or trade school.