SheBikes: Empowering Women, One Ride at a Time

Whether you’re doing this for fitness or fun, the SheBikes all-female cycling group is not just about enjoying the ride — but creating everlastingShebikes friendships.

SheBikes is an empowering group of like-minded women that get together every week to enjoy the sport of cycling. But each week, they also discuss different topics like safety, what to wear, and repairs.  Women of all ages and ability levels are welcome to ride with SheBikes. This is a group that makes it a safe, enjoyable space to talk and create connections, and really make some genuine friends.

Linda Deneen, the SheBikes Ride Leader says, “This group is so very special because there have been so many women who first of all, come back year after year, as a very cohesive group of true friends…SheBikes is not only about biking, I think the underlying everything is the true meaning of friendship. Being cohesive and being there for each other.”

The group is set up to meet weekly, every Monday for six weeks, starting from mid-May until June. The SheBikes ladies usually meet at Traverse City Central High School, and roll out at 6pm. This group has really inspired many women to join, with 40 women that had attended the first riders meeting.

SheBikes backstory was that a couple friends had started a cross country ski group, and before they knew it, they had a large group of women join them! Once the season was over, they realized they didn’t want it to end! So they decided to continue hanging out and doing active things that they love to do. And SheBikes was born! Fifteen years later, and they are still riding strong!

If you would like more information on this exciting group, visit their webpage HERE.



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