Mackinaw Trail Winery Gives Bonus to Vaccinated Employees

Businesses across Michigan are incentivizing their workers into getting the vaccine.

Mackinaw Trail Winery has given up to $1,000 to their employees who have been vaccinated, depending on whether or not they receive tips on the job.

Right now, the winery is severely understaffed and couldn’t afford risking a COVID exposure that could leave them with too little workers.

They say they have already had to close one location permanently because of having so little employees.

Additionally, Mackinaw Trail Winery says they are giving out the bonus as a way to say thank you to their employees for working through the pandemic.

“Just to help compensate them because they were working and I want to continue to have workers and do whatever I can to keep my good staff where they’re at,” said Laurie Stabile, owner of Mackinaw Trail Winery and Brewery.

Stabile added, like many other businesses with such low staffing, customers should be patient and kind.