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Summer Camps Expected to Open its Sites for 2021 Campers

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Summer camps around the U.S. took a huge hit back in 2020. Many of them were forced to close down for the season due to the pandemic, while others chose a virtual route. Fortunately, young campers this year are expected to return to their favorite sites, but with some restrictions.

In preparation for summer camps, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) and LARA released their ‘‘. Many of the guidelines mimic school guidelines and require a ‘COVID-19 Response Plan’. This includes monitoring symptoms, social distancing, hygiene, the use of PPE, communication protocol, and isolation procedures if someone tests positive on-site.

Camps are also expected to clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces and keep the same campers within the same groups. Campers ages 5 and up, as well as staff, parents, and visitors are required to wear a cloth covering when in cabins and classrooms, or any other indoor activity. However, when outside with social distancing, a cloth face covering is not required. This is why MDHHS is urging camps to do the majority of activities outside.

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