Business in Focus: Traverse City Doctor Creates ROTATOReliever For Shoulder Pain Relief & Treatment

You might be suffering from shoulder pain or know someone who is.  Some people suffer from pain for years and never know the right plan of attack, especially if surgery or physical therapyRotator Relief might be involved.

That’s why a Traverse City-based physician, Michael Carroll created what he calls the “ROTATOReliever” a 40-day program to help alleviate shoulder pain without surgery and it can all be done from the comfort of home.  Dr. Carroll suffered from shoulder pain for years after a sports injury so he understands first-hand how it can affect daily life.

To see how the ROTATOReliever works, the price, and how it can be easily shipped to your home, click on the video posted above.

For more details and to order a ROTATOReliever set click here.

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