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What’s Growing With Tom: Reusing a Raised Bed

Hello Northern Michigan,  last week we talked about building a raised bed and filling it with Dairy Doo.

So what if your raised bed is already filled from last year? That’s what we are talking about today.

Justin says they get the question a lot. He says since you took out the plants last year, you need to replenish the minerals and nutrients used.

In this bed we planted flowers, so we are using Flower Doo 201. Justin says it has an extra kick of phosphorus and the minerals in there make the vibrant blooms, and it’s organic.

Odds are you don’t need much Flower Doo but you can still use Morgan Composting’s Dairy Doo calculator on their website to figure how much is needed to top off your bed.

Another boost to help the bed is Healthy Garden. It’s an organic fertilizer 7-6-5 with 5% calcium.

After putting down your Flower Doo 201, sprinkle on a little Healthy Garden to help feed the roots. After all is down, be sure to water the beds.

It’s pretty simple to do and doesn’t take long. Now the beds are ready for transplants.

We’ll be doing that in a few weeks. Right now, it’s still a bit too cold!

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