Inside The Kitchen at Red Ginger in Traverse City

“An overall wow factor is what I look for,” said head chef at Red Ginger in Traverse City, Steven Brocknan. Itk Red Ginger

He has been serving up that wow factor at Red Ginger in every dish that hits the wok.

“Well the heat alone is quite a lot, it goes up to about 600 degrees which lets you get a nice sear on it, the smoky flavor,” he said.

He says the focus is Asian, Vietnamese and Thai food, but Red Ginger dabbles in everything, and adds their own spark to any meal making its way to your mouth.

“You’ll have your steaks and everything like that but really we try to throw a nice curry in it,” he explained.

Everything is made from scratch, the sauces are made in house, and the seafood is delivered daily.

“It has a sweet but savory sauce, but it really lets the seafood speak for itself,” he said.

Bringing a unique flare to a meal you know you could count on, even throughout the pandemic.

“It’s nice having those people in the house, you can see people enjoying their food and stuff like that, and kind of packaging it up and sending it away has been the hardest part for us emotionally in the back,” Brocknan said.

He adds having people back in the restaurant now has definitely been a bright spot, as he sends out his own favorite dishes.

“I see one of my favorite dishes just because noodles are always great, and seafood is always great, you can’t beat that,” he said.

You can reach Red Ginger at 231-944-1733 and find them at 237 East Front Street in Traverse City.

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