Holocaust Memorial Center Offering Virtual Museum Experience

The Holocaust Memorial Center in Farmington Hills, is offering a new online program for students who are learning about the Holocaust.21011 Holocaustcenter 63

The Virtual Museum Experience, or VME, is a virtual session that is tailored to each teacher’s lesson plan to really customize the students’ experience. Each session is about 45 minutes long and guided by a Holocaust Memorial Center educator. Themes like Propaganda, The Human Story, Resistance, Resilience, Choice & Responsibility, and Media Literacy can be covered and applied to the lessons of the Holocaust and then apply them to today.

It’s really important for students to continue learning about this piece of world history. Ruth Bergman, HMC’s Education Director, says, “In these times where there’s so much hatred, antisemitism, and other forms of prejudice in the world, we really want students to understand that their individual choices matter and that people can really make a difference.”

The Museum is still open to the public, and tickets can be purchased on their webpage HERE.

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