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Casinos Cash In on Kindness with Spare Change from Winnings

Cash In On Kindness Casinos
Cash In Casinos

Two northern Michigan casinos and their guests are making a difference a few pennies at a time.

It’s called the “Cash In on Kindness” program, and it’s collecting spare change from winnings at Turtle Creek and Leelanau Sands casinos. The idea is to turn the change from your winnings into a donation to a different northern Michigan nonprofit every month.

And over the past two months donations have brought in more than $9,000. Tuesday checks were presented to the Cherryland Humane Society for $4,774, and to FLOW – “For the Love of Water” for $4,876.

Any casino guest can make a contribution. Those odd amounts that you have when you cash out – whether it’s 11 cents here, sixty cents there, all add up. Leelanau Sands & Turtle Creek Promotions Manager Elky Reynolds says, “Most people walk out with them and forget them at the bottom of their purse or in their pocket. Just drop them right here instead of taking them and throwing them away.”

Other groups that have been on the receiving end of the collection include the Groundwork Center, the American Heart Association, and Toys for Tots. For the month of May they’re collecting for Veterans in Crisis.