MTM On The Road: Alpacas at Crystal Lake Alpaca Farm Get Sheared for the Season

Crystal Lake Alpaca Farm in Frankfort raises healthy, happy alpacas.

You can go to the farm to feed the alpacas and meet a few other animals there as well.

Their farm is opening up for the season soon but first, the alpacas need to get ready for the summer heat.

Shearing day is when Durer Shearing comes out to the farm to get off all the thick fibers on the alpacas.

Usually they can get eight to ten pounds of fiber from one alpaca.

This process is necessary to do each year in order to keep the alpacas healthy.

The farm uses every bit of the alpaca fiber to make all kinds of products.

Inside the Crystal Lake Alpaca Boutique you can find everything from hats and socks to sweaters and stuffed animals!

They have two shops right at the farm in Frankfort and recently opened a new one in the Grand Traverse Commons.

Our On The Road Crew, Gabriella and Stephanie, are giving us a look at the shearing process and some of the products that are made with the fibers.

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